Re-validation @ UoB

Much of the work of the Coeducate project since September has focussed on supporting the re-validation that is currently underway (all to be finished by March 2012)  for all of our Undergraduate provision inline with a new ‘Under Graduate Curriculum_Framework‘. In common with many institutions, we are seeking to simplify and rationalise our portfolio of courses and the complexity of delivery options within them.

As a project, we have had input into the decision making process, but as would be expected are one of many ‘competing’ voices although we believe that we have made a valuable contribution. Common themes that can be identified across the sector through conversations at Curriculum programme meetings and other fora include:

  1. limiting the number of learning outcomes (UoB, no more than 5)
    reducing optionality (UoB, only core modules at level 4-5 with limited optionality at level 6 & very limited use of co and pre requisites)
  2. development of cross faculty/department shared modules (UoB, typically 1 per level plus shared research methods)
  3. reduce the amount of summative assessment (UoB, no learning outcome assessed more than one and a maximum of 2 summative assessments)
  4. increase opportunities for formative assessment (UoB, new module specification requires specitivity in this respect)
  5. inclusion of core themes embedded in the curriculum (UoB, employability, internationalism, sustainability, ethical responsibility)

Against this backdrop, the Coeducate project has sought to support staff in implementing the framework, the details of which will be covered in the next post.


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