Innovation Support Networks

In support of the re-validation process at the UoB, the Coeducate project has been proactive in identifying needs and implementing support activities.

It was apparent early on that there was the need to develop an online repository and information sharing portal as current practice was to use email to distribute documentations and ensuing discussion for clarification.  To this end, the simplest approach was to create a site (pdf) in Moodle:

‘This space is open to all University of Bolton staff.  It contains the definitive documents and guidance for the re-validation process and is the first place to seek clarification from the team responsible for the implementation of the re-validation activities.’

In addition, we have also developed a frequently asked questions in an attempt to reduce the workload on senior staff responsible for the validation, but also to have a common message.

Lastly, to run in parallel with the programme the Coeducate project has put in place a series of Innovation Support Networks with the aim of supporting colleagues to take advantage of the Undergraduate Curriculum Framework to improve their curriculum offerings rather than simply treating it as a tick-box exercise – that is something just to get through:

  • 9th November 12 – 2  Rethinking your Curriculum (Bill Oliver, Stephen Powell and Tracy Ellis)
  • 11th November 12 – 2 Module Specifications and Programme Design  (Jane Lovatt/Stephen  Powell)
  • 23rd November 12 – 2  Innovating around Employability (Julie Bateman/Mike Lomas)
  • 25th November 12 – 2 D1-006 Innovating around Environmental Sustainability (Ann Kolodziejski)
  • 30th November 12 – 2  Innovating around Professionals in Practice (Rob Campbell)
  • 2nd December 12 – 2 Module Specifications and Programme Design (Jane Lovatt/Stephen Powell)
  • 7th December 12 – 2 Innovating around Internationalisation (Kasey Carver/Sue Burkinshaw)
  • 9th December 12 – 2 Module Specifications and Programme Design (Jane Lovatt/ Stephen Powell)

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